Unleashing the power of supply chain to improve corporate performance

In a market where growth is stalled and many companies are stuck in driving supply chain performance, this book provides a clear, concise framework for a more modern, effective supply chain. Success drives value. The effective supply chain makes a difference in winning a war, saving a patient, and driving commerce; but it also makes a difference in a community having clean air, potable water, and a standard of living. Mistakes are hard to overcome. Supply Chain Metrics that Matter tells this story. The book links corporate financials to supply chain maturity. In the book, the author analyzes which metrics matter.

About the Author

A prolific writer with unbounded curiosity and a drive to learn, Lora is author of the new book Metrics that Matter and the recently published paperback series the Shaman's Journal. She is also the co-author of Bricks Matter. As an avid writer, she publishes weekly on the enterprise software blog Supply Chain Shaman, and monthly on Linkedin and Forbes. She also contributes monthly columns to Consumer Goods Technology Magazine, and Supply Chain Management Review. Her writing focuses on the use of enterprise applications to drive supply chain excellence. 

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