How Successful Organizations Listen to Customers and Create New Products Continuously

We’re in the midst of a revolution. Quantum leaps in technology are enabling organizations to observe and measure people’s behavior in real time, communicate internally at extraordinary speed, and innovate continuously. These new, software-driven technologies are transforming the way companies interact with their customers, employees, and other stakeholders. This engaging and practical book provides the crucial new operational and management model to help you and your organization win in a world of continuous change.

About the Authors

Jeff Gothelf is a lean-thinking and design evangelist, spreading the gospel of great team collaboration, product innovation, and evidence-based decision making. He is an author, speaker, and thought leader on the future of product development and design, often teaching workshops or giving talks on building cultures that support teamwork and innovation.

Josh Seiden is a designer, consultant, and coach who helps companies create new digital products and services. In his 25-year career he’s worked with start-ups, large organizations, and enterprises of all sizes, whether in Silicon Valley or on Wall Street. He is a founder and past President of the Interaction Design Association.


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Are you looking for a new way to drive change and innovation in strategy and execution? Prescriptive Analytics is a type of Advanced Analytics that results in a recommended action. You may be trying to improve planning, reduce costs, optimize your supply chain or increase innovation. Unlike Descriptive (focused on reporting with basic trend or pattern recognition) or Predictive Analytics (focused on predicting the future with forecasting techniques), Prescriptive Analytics determines ways in which your business processes should evolve or be modified. This is crucial to make your data and business rules actionable instead of only providing insight into your data's behavior.

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